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No need to bring your kids to a separate dentist appointment from yourself. Drs. Rapoport and Lasry are happy to look after the dental care of the whole family; including babies and small children. We recommend you bring your child in as early as 2 years old for an evaluation that can set them on the right track with their oral health. An early first visit with a dentist can help ease your child into the new world of dental care. We make the first visits fun and interactive for parents and children alike.

What to expect?

Your dentist will provide an oral hygiene demonstration including brushing, flossing and use of other tools such as floss sticks. We will review the choice of tooth paste and use of Fluoride appropriate for your child. We will discuss and educate on a variety of subjects such as diet, pacifier use, oral hygiene routine and the need for early orthodontic evaluation. If needed, a light cleaning can be performed. This will help to habituate your child to the smells and sounds of the dental office. Expect your child to leave with a surprise as well as a bag of hygiene supplies. Most importantly they will leave feeling proud and excited to return for the next visit.


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