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Root Canal

Drs. Rapoport and Lasry provide root canal treatment in the event that your tooth’s nerve dies or must be removed in order to accommodate a future restoration such as a crown. A root canal may be performed as a planned procedure or as an emergency procedure. Your root canal will be done using the newest equipment and technology such as rotary instrumentation, digital imaging and 3D imaging.

Our skill, compassion and technology allow for quality results in a faster and painless treatment.

Our 3D imaging has proven an invaluable tool for challenging diagnoses and treatment planning. Often we can use a 3D x-ray to diagnose the source of your dental pain when a conventional 2D x-ray fails to show the problem.

We also perform root canal retreatment, apex surgery (apicoectomy) and root amputation surgery in the event that a root canal is performed without success for various reasons.


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