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At our dental clinic in Westmount Drs. Rapoport and Lasry have access to the newest and most valuable technology in dental radiology : the Cone Beam CT (CBCT). A limited number of dentists have adopted this technology in their practice due to its high cost to purchase. Our CBCT is available to both our patients and referring dentists.

Cone Beam CT provides a 3D image of the teeth, jaws and surrounding structures. It is an indispensable diagnostic tool for implants, bone grafting, wisdom tooth extraction, orthodontics, root canal and more. Having detailed anatomical information allows us to render the appropriate treatment with confidence and safety.

All of our x-rays are Digital and can be easily shown to patients and shared with patients and other dentists. As well, digital x-rays have the added benefit of providing a lower dose of radiation to the patient.


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