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Drs. Rapoport and Lasry want you to have a pleasant experience while undergoing dental treatments in our clinic. Whether you are anxious, have a severe gag reflex or are undergoing a more invasive procedure, sedation can help you remain calm and relaxed throughout the appointment. Sedation may also be performed on children who are fearful or non-compliant. Sedation not only ensures your comfort, but can also ensure that your doctor can perform their treatment to the highest standard of care if it is deemed necessary.

The treatment modalities that we offer are:
  • Sedative pills (oral conscious sedation)
  • Nitrous oxide gas (conscious sedation)

Sedation is not appropriate for every patient and a thorough consultation, including a review of your medical history will be required before sedation can be administered. If you elect to be sedated then it will be done in a SAFE and EFFECTIVE manner.


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